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Hypnotherapy In Cheltenham

The Opening Of The Regency Practice

Hypnotherapy In Cheltenham can be provided by Bobby at his new practice, The Regency Practice. Bobby  has been practicing hypnotherapy in Cheltenham for a few years and had been practicing from a Mediation Centre. This was great but he needed a reclining chair for his hypnotherapy clients.

Bobby searched for a facility in Cheltenham that could help with this but unfortunately after trawling the web he could not find anywhere in Cheltenham that had could practice his hypnotherapy.

Bobby then decided to create his very own practice. This was a great challenge but Bobby knew he had to do something. The Regency Practice was created in around five months. Bobby and his partner have created a fantastic, welcoming and comfortable space. The practice offers reclining chairs for hypnotherapy so that clients can relax whilst having their hypnosis.

Six months on and The Regency Practice is the largest hypnotherapy clinic in Cheltenham and has many and some of the best Cheltenham hypnotherapists practicing from within it.

Any You Requiring Hypnotherapy In Cheltenham?

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Cheltenham, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a free initial consultation at The Regency Practice.