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Hypnotherapy In Cirencester

Hypnotherapy In Cirencester

Welcome to Bobby Jon Hook Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cirencester.

I have trained at one of the top clinics in England and I offer a very friendly, affordable and private hypnotherapy. Please give me a call if you have any questions or you are undecided about hypnotherapy and we can have a friendly chat about hypnotherapy and how it could be a solution to help you achieve your goals.

Practicing hypnotherapy in Cirencester, I see many people with a wide range of various problems which have a negative impact and stop them from enjoying there lives to the fullest. Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I can show you how easy it can be to change your life.

Bobby Jon Hook Hypnotherapy, Cirencester
84 Dyer Street, Cirencester, GL7 2PF

Cirencester Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Everyone at some point feels anxious or has unfortunately experienced an anxiety attack. We see it more and more in others and in ourselves. Suffering with anxiety can stop you doing the things you need to do or the things you want to do. From social anxiety like meeting new people, taking the children to school to even the anxiety of getting behind the wheel of a car. It can manifest itself in so many ways. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a fantastic treatment for anxiety with a positive solution focused approach, I can help you overcome it and take back control.

Cirencester Hypnotherapy for Depression

Nearly one in five people suffer from depression not to mention the affects it can have on family and friends. Depression affects us in different ways, sadness, low mood or no motivation or interest in things, not getting any enjoyment out of life, difficulty sleeping or even suicidal thoughts. Getting help for depression is easier than people think, but how to cope with depression is much harder. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is great at helping people move forward in a positive way and I can show you how easy it is to turn your life around in a very short space of time.

Insomnia Hypnotherapy Treatment

Statistics show that we now sleep 20% less than we did one hundred years ago and the number is increasing every year.  Our busy lifestyles and ever increasing work hours takes its toll and if you have difficulty sleeping at night, you’re not alone.  20% to 40% of adults have difficulty with not being able to sleep. The causes of insomnia can vary person to person and the symptoms of insomnia can range from too much on our minds or low mood to serious health implications. There are so many people searching for remedies on how to deal with insomnia. Hypnotherapy for insomnia has a huge benefit to anyone who would like help with sleeping. Using a proven solution focused approach, I can help you to take control of your insomnia and finally start to get the comfortable sleep you need.

Fear & Phobia Hypnotherapy Treatments

A phobia is a debilitating and overwhelming fear often the result of a place, object, situation, animal or feeling. Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an unrealistic or exaggerated sense of danger about a situation or object. In some cases a phobia can become so severe, a person may organise their life around avoiding the thing that’s causing them anxiety. As well as affecting or even restricting their day to day life, it can also cause them considerable anguish. With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I will help you to understand how the mind works, then using a combination of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic programing) we will work together so that you can live a more fulfilling life without fear.

Smoking Cessation and Hypnotherapy for quitting Smoking

Recently the number of people wishing to quit smoking in Cirencester has increased and hypnosis to quit smoking has never been so popular. Whether it is a new year’s resolution, persistent problems, new fitness regime or ill health arising from smoking. I have a success rate of around 90% and using a proven method combining Hypnosis, NLP and your drive to stop, I’m confident we can work together to help you quit smoking.

Cirencester Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be very difficult and also stressful. You can go to a weight loss club, take tablets or start to do regular exercise, all of which may help you lose weight. Sometimes its hard to keep the motivation to go out to the gym or when you have successfully lost weight you lose the diet and start to gain weight again. Hypnotherapy teaches you to understand the brain and how it affects you and the choices you make when it comes to food. It also helps you with motivation so you actually want to attend the gym. I have many clients who are using Solution focused Hypnotherapy in Cirencester to lose weight. Working together I will teach you to change the way you think so that you can start losing weight and manage it so you can start enjoying life in your desired size.

Hypnotherapy for relaxation and anti-stress Hypnotherapy Techniques

Ever thought about having a session of hypnosis to relax you? Some people go for a spa weekend where they can have a massage and really relax the body but how about relaxing your mind?

Hypnosis is fantastic for relaxing your mind and after just one session you will feel very relaxed and rejuvenated.  Not only that, the session can teach you so much about yourself.

So if you think you would like to book an appointment for hypnotherapy in Cirencester, please call me of fill in the contact form below.


Hypnotherapy Cirencester