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Frequently Asked Question.

Here you will find the answers to questions I have been asked in the past. If there is something I have not answered then please just give me a call or use the contact box.

Q. Is hypnosis dangerous? 

A. No. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural normal relaxing state (Trance) We go into trance many times every day without realizing. More information can be found on Solution focused hypnotherapy on the what is hypnotherapy page.

Q. Are my problems guaranteed to be solved?

A. No. Nothing is guaranteed however the success rate is very high and each individual is different. Solution focused therapy works with the client to resolve issues and as such requires client participation from the start. You must want to change to make your life better.

Q. Is solution focused hypnotherapy right for me?

A. The benefits of this type therapy is huge and some people can see a difference after the first session. I offer a free initial consultation to talk you though everything so you can make the choice and decide if SFH is right for you.

 Q. Will you make me do things i don’t want to do?

A. Absolutely not. With Solution focused hypnotherapy you are in control at all times, the mind will not let the body do something it doesn’t want to do.

Q. Where do you conduct hypnosis?

A. I run a small treatment room from my lovely cottage in the village Tarlton near Cirencester and I practice from the Cirencester Hypnotherapy And Health Centre and also The Regency Practice in Cheltenham. Some clients prefer house visits, this can be arranged but may incur an additional charge depending on the location. I can also offer online skype sessions.