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What is Hypnotherapy


What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis relaxes the conscious part of the mind while stimulating and focusing on the subconscious part. This is called the trance state. We go into a trance state many times during the day e.g Whilst watching television, reading a book or driving your car. Have you ever driven to a destination and cannot fully remember the journey? If you answered yes its because you were in a light trance state, able to respond if needed but as if your mind is somewhere else. The great thing about trance is that our mind works four times harder when we are in this state.

What Is Solution Focused Therapy?

Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I help the client build a description of their “preferred future” using scaling and the miracle question. During the process I help the client identify and take small constructive steps in the direction of the desired change. The therapy encourages positive thinking by helping clients to focus on solutions to problems. Clients are encouraged to ask themselves, what do you want to achieve? rather than going into what prompted them to get help in the first place. I will explain how the brain works in an easy to grasp way, enabling clients to understand that how we think determines how we feel. Clients usually find during the process that their sleep patterns improve. Also Motivation, confidence and self-esteem are all restored.