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Hypnotherapy for insomnia. Interview with Gloucestershire University

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Hypnotherapy For Insomnia. Interview with Gloucestershire University

Earlier this year I was approached by Ryan a student wanting to create a short radio documentary about insomnia for Gloucestershire University. I thought this was a great opportunity to show how Hypnotherapy can help and arranged to meet.

We originally met for a general chat in Starbucks of all places, I explained how the brain works in relation to day to day life including the causes of insomnia and the meeting lasted for about an hour. I treated Ryan as if they were coming to see me for a initial consultation.We then arranged a follow up appointment for a week later and he had decided to go ahead and have some hypnosis. The results were great and i hope the recording shows this.

I would like to point out that although Ryan showed a great response to the treatment provided in that one off session, in my experience it usually takes more sessions to help. The great thing about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is it does work fairly quickly, however if you’re looking for help with insomnia and your someone who is wondering if hypnotherapy for insomnia is for you its only right that you understand that it’s not always a one shot deal!

Insomnia can often be related back to some form of stress or anxiety. We can store these feelings up and the lack of sleep can compound the problem and make things worse. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps to not only relieve the stress but also help with educating the mind giving you the tools and resources to think about situations differently and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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