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The car!

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The next step has happened and I’m very excited about it……I have had my car sign written!

It looks great and I’m very pleased.

Hypnotherapy cheltenham car


It’s taking some time to get used to driving it as everyone seems to be very intrigued. In fact it’s made me more conscious of my driving. I may as well have one of those signs that some vans have that says “how is my driving. Call this number…..” I like to think I’m a good driver but my partner may say differently as she clenches the handle attached to the roof. I put it down to the fact that she’s a terrible passenger.

cheltenham hypnotherapy carhypnotherapy in cheltenham
So now we can spread the word even more about hypnotherapy in Cirencester and hypnotherapy in Cheltenham when I’m driving around both towns. The car has my spiral logo and my hypnosis logo describing what hypnotherapy can help with, so please feel free to check it out when you spot it.

Happy Spotting!

Bobby Jon Hook
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Practicing Hypnotherapy in Cirencester and Cheltenham.


Hypnotherapy Wherever You Live!

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