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Powell’s School Fete

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My step daughter had her annual school fete on the 20th. For those of you that are not familiar with Cirencester, Powell’s school is located just behind the church in the town centre. The school fete is always very popular with local companies and always has a huge turnout.

The school fete brings not only parents of children who attend the school but also visitors from all around the area to help raise money for school equipment and events.


The fete had bouncy castles, human football, tennis and obstacle courses along with coconut shy, chocolate tombola, a human fruit machine, Circus skill, face painting and tons of other kids activities.  Not to mention there was amazing food and cakes made by the mums. For all the bargain hunters there were various stores selling plants, clothes and toys. The school children kept us entertained all afternoon with a whole host of performances including country dancing and gymnastics.

max the monkey bobby jon hook hypnotherapy
This year I sponsored the bouncy castle and was allowed to have a stall advertising the benefits of hypnotherapy.  As part of my contribution I also decided to dress up as Max the monkey which went down a storm!

I’ve never done anything like this before and I have to say I had a ball. Max was a huge hit, with children glued to me most of the time. I was offered hugs by not only the children but grown adults too even having my bum smacked by a rather cheeky man. Lucky me!

monky max clinical hypnotherapy cirencester

I can’t wait for the next event because max bought a lot of smiles! I have a board that everyone could write down what made them happy. There were various heart-warming answers that brought a tear to my partners eye. The child embraced all that was on offer and I was able to offer a degree of awareness to the younger generation in a very funny and relaxed way, which I think is hugely important.

I had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

what makes you happy

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