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Facebook And Your Wellbeing

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Facebook messing with our mood

When you log into Facebook what do you see? Do you see positive enthusiastic and inspiring posts in your feed or do you see pictures, posts or messages shown by people that are generally negative or feeling down? Take a look next time you log in.

With 30 million users on Facebook in the UK, the volume of shares and posts by its users is into the tens of millions so it’s not surprising that Facebook had to change the way it displays posts. Now you see posts that are relevant to what you search for, what you like, what you share and who you interact with.

Its only fair to say on that basis if you spend all your time looking at negative posts, shares or interacting in a way that isn’t very positive then you are more likely to see these types of things in your news feeds.

How we think determines how we feel. If we watch or read something positive it makes us think positively, in turn making us feel positive. If we read or watch something negative then the opposite is also true.

Now I’ve mentioned it you will notice it more. The conscious part of our mind accepts all the information coming in without connecting the dots to how it can affect our thinking. The subconscious is much bigger, It takes all the underlying tones and files them away. For a lot of people it can be harmless but for others the effects can actually encourage negativity.

The children of today see this on a daily basis from bullying to body image. Statistics have shown that cyber bullying is twice as likely to have negative effects. These effects range from depression, insomnia, anxiety and trouble integrating into school. What a child sees in their news feed is a direct result of how they interact with the social media giant.

Lets now take a look at someone suffering from depression. A lot of the time when we feel sad we don’t physically interact with the world, it can become a habit to lock ourselves away and if you spend a lot of time on Facebook interacting in a negative way then Facebook will display those things that are relevant to what you’re searching for. All of a sudden we compound that negative thinking and unwillingly reinforce those sad feelings.

How do we change what we see? Quite simple, start liking those positive posts, interact with positive posts and most of all interact in a positive way. Give it a try and make a positive change for your future.

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