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My New Blog And Free Download

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bobby jon hook hypnotherapy blog


Im very excited to now have a new blog to write. Hopefully i’ll be able to share some great things with you all that will inspire and motivate positive change within your lives. I’ll be putting up my new article that i wrote for the Cirencester Hypnotherapy and Health Centre soon so keep your eyes out for that!

To celebrate my new blog I have set up a new section for my free self hypnosis audio CD which you can either dowload or stream directly from my website. just follow the link below.

>>>Download My Relaxation And Motivation Hypnosis Audio CD<<<

This is great for those of you who may struggle to unwind and is packed full of positive reinforcment. So i hope you enjoy. Any feedback is always appreciated.

Part of writing this new blog is to show people how hypnotherapy can really help people make the changes they want with a simple shift in perspective. Its not all going to be me, I hope to share with you some great videos and articles that I come across too.  Ill also be on hand to try and answer any questions you may have.

So for now im signing off. Stay positive and enjoy my audio CD!!!

Bobby Jon Hook

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Practicing Hypnotherapy in Cirencester and Cheltenham.

skype hypnosis
Hypnotherapy Wherever You Live!

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